Free Play Bonuses

There are a wide range of casino promotions for gamblers to try. For those wondering what a free play bonus is, we've prepared this article to cover the basics.

The Free Play Bonus

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Free play is a twist on the commonly offered cash promotion. Normally, a small sum of cash is provided and the player can then use that for a long period of time on a variety of eligible games. Withdrawals are subject to wagering requirements and withdrawal caps.

Where the free play offer changes things is that the sum involved is larger (often hundreds or maybe a thousand dollars), and comes with a time limit attached. The time limit might be quite stringent, as short as half an hour, or it might be a couple of hours. Whatever the specifics, you won't have the cash for long. Once the time runs out, that free money vanishes. But if you manage to finish ahead when the clock hits zero, those profits remain yours with many bonuses. Otherwise, the profit is considered bonus cash and must then be wagered so it depends on the casino.

Advantages of Free Play

As the name implies, one of the significant upsides is that a player doesn't have to put any of their own money on the line. Betting for real profits without risking actual losses is a pretty nifty way to gamble.

There's also a variety of eligible games, allowing you to sample a range of what a given casino has to offer and see if slots, cards, or dice are more to your liking.

Restrictions and Limitations

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The most obvious restriction is the time limit itself. However, this is an integral part of the offer. If you prefer no time limit then other bonuses (for smaller sums) can easily be found.

One downside of free play is that sometimes the profits can only be taken in the form of additional bonuses. That might not sound too bad, but bear in mind this entails a number of restrictions. This might be deposit matching for future deposits, and applied limitations may include the wagering requirement and withdrawal cap.

The withdrawal cap is essentially a ceiling on how much can be withdrawn from bonus winnings (often a few hundred dollars). This way, players can win with bonuses but they can't win big. The wagering requirement is the total value of wagers made before winnings from a promotion can be withdrawn. Be aware that, often, the eligibility of games contributing to the wagering requirement can vary, as can the rate. Slots tend to contribute 100% (so $2 wagered contributes $2 towards the requirement) whereas table games can be much lower ($2 wagered might only contribute $0.20).

Free play can be a good way for new gamblers to try their hand, or for more experienced gamblers to test out a new casino or new games. If you're short on funds or just like the chance of winning something for nothing, this can be a good option.